Know about us 01

Know about us

Executive Summary

Ui Brands is an acronym for Ubuntu Inspired Brands and has become synonymous with the foundations that underpin Ubuntu in our society. UI Brands is a corporate consultancy firm whose paramount ambition seeks to identify all elements that constitute a business environment in order to identify a sustainable solution for a specific problem. We are, also, one of South Africa’s leading information providers, specializing in Business to Business, Governments, Policy Makers knowledge transfer within the emerging markets space. Our well established infrastructure is buttressed by leading content and information platforms, focused on Sustainability and Efficiency, with the employment of Technology, Innovation, People & Systems(TIPS) as the tool of choice.

Mission 02


Our Mission statement

Is to core-create with our stakeholders, a pulsating but yet sustainable, social; economic and business landscape through dissolution of wicked problems within the chaotic and often rapid change prone emerging markets space

Vision 03


Our Vision

To give our clients and relevant stakeholders more than just business solutions and excellent service, but unparalleled creation of new realities and experiences, through the employment of TIPS as our instrument of choice. Our philosophy is that modern-day business problems do not exist in segregation as they are pragmatically inclined towards having a complex interaction between a number of variables within empirical constructs. This anchors our sustainability measures we offer and indeed our epistemological approach in general.

Our Promise To Our Clients

• Enhanced efficiency through the harnessing of technology
• Superior overall performance and savings through improved Systemic Thinking
• Upgraded performance through leveraging on Innovation
• Improved returns through enriched People management skills