6 Shocking Business Secrets




The compilation of six business principles by Dr. Vulumuzi Bhebhe serves as a reminder that running a successful business entity is complex and complicated. It also confirms, paradoxically so, that incorporating a variety of reference points to serve as a frame- work for doing business, is both imperative and very personal. It is not about the cor- rectness of choice but about the alignment of such chosen principles to the way in which the management team operate. The six principled framework of Dr Bhebhe assumes a management team who will show up in a direct and proactive manner, interpreting the world of work as a set of inter-related systems each depending on the other.

Reference to asking the Why, What and How questions repeatedly is critical to hold the team on track and to ground the management team in executing their management du-ties. Similarly, the inclusion of innovation as a principle serves as a challenge to all man- agement members to sustain high levels of energy and to continuously engage all rele- vant stakeholders.Turning cold leads into major clients has become more manageable with technology. It also requires a closer involvement from management in coaching employees on specific aspects related to this principle.

Acknowledging fellow employees as marketers and customer relation representatives is indeed a powerful principle to be included. However, more work needs to be done by managers to ensure this principle emerges as a reality in practice.
Reference to ethics as one of the six principles is highly appreciated as it has become in- creasingly relevant in a world marked by gross corruption and misconduct in business (both public and private). The strategies contained herein are very relevant and, the real-world implication and application is very fresh. This book is highly recommend to business institutions and businesspeople.


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